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 Dr. Howayeck is our Director.  This is his exciting new book: 
Bone Health Made Easy

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Article:  Leading Osteoporosis Author/Florida Orthopedic Surgeon supports Dr. Howayeck's screening techniques as well as innovative Silical System


Kenneth C. Howayeck, DPM

Diplomate (retired), American Bd. of Podiatric Surgery

Bd. Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery (ret.)


SOLID research to support:  Easy bone health "supplementation" (and this particular type of supplement is not intended to supplement your nutrition, but to actually supplement your ACTIVITY)


About Dr. Ken's organization, FIVE STAR ONSITE TESTING:

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The only organization in the U.S. that SPECIALIZES in bone health programs which combine quality presentations with onsite, non-radiation bone density screenings!


What Is YOUR "bone-health risk-level COLOR"?

(Come and find out!)





 24% hip fractures for those over 50--and primarily BECAUSE of that injury--are DEAD within 12 months.


Fact:  Deaths from Osteoporosis in women outnumber those from Breast, Uterine and Ovarian Cancers COMBINED.  In men, such deaths outnumber those from Prostate Cancer as well.  Then why isn’t this info getting out?  Are  these facts part of the many reasons why Osteoporosis is considered the “Silent Killer”?

Other JAW-DROPPING Stats on Osteoporosis and Hip Fractures



For Dr. Ken's foolproof (and safe) plan for Bone Health Made Easy for YOU.....

Begin applying "5-Start", or 5-Star Testing's 5-minute, 5-step, START to bone health SUCCESS:


 So, what IS “5 - START”???

(The “5” refers to the 5 very important items listed below that, when applied together, simply cannot fail in improving one's LOW bone density, or in maintaining one's HIGH one!  And it's time to S.T.A.R.T.!!)



 #1 – (OR S) - SEVERAL:  Several MONTHS (not decades, nor even YEARS!) later, be prepared to do the very next one (TESTS, below) AGAIN!  (& again & again to see if your plan is working!)   After completing #2 below, come back and apply this one by marking the calendar NOW as to when you need to get your NEXT tests, doing so in 12 months if scoring in the green on your ultrasound bone density test, 9 months if yellow, 6 if red.  Since we don't yet know your score, we don't know whether yours is 12, 9, or 6, right?  So "several" seems a fair description for now, wouldn't you say?  You might even choose to re-test in as soon as 3  months, in fact, if you have been consistently using a high-quality supplement with expectant fast and reliable results.  But  the point is to pause a moment and commit now.  BEGIN WITH THE END ALREADY IN MIND, that you are going to store your upcoming results for future comparison--to prepare to have a "before" test results, and later an "after"--preparing NOW!  Be prepared.

 #2 - (OR  T) TESTS.  2 of them:  Ultrasound Bone Density Testing (UBDT) and a Vitamin D Test (which is called the “25-hydroxy Vit. D” BLOOD  test).  Get these 2 tests done, and out of the way----now.  (Again, don't forget to mark the calendar right after the UBDT is completed so as to assure that you re-test with both of these tests at the prescribed time interval that will be revealed through today's UBDT test results.)

 #3 - (OR A) - ACTIVITY.  Who wants to formally "exercise" anyway?  But learn from my lecture or book as to which types of "activity" actually WORK (and which, surprisingly, do NOT work very well!.

#4 - (OR R)-  REALLY GOOD (and REALISTIC) Supplementation.  Get REAL.  The good and bad ones are miles apart, and the bad ones don't show UBDT results!!!  Learn from my book or my lecture as to which of the so-called bone health supplements actually WORK.

#5 - (OR T)– TACKLE:  Tackle the OPPOSITION!!  These include the established, "controllable" risk factors that you're up against, or which are currently "opposing" your bone health success  Once again, learn from my book or my lecture as to what is meant by THIS.



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