Bone Health Made Easy

                                                     ABOUT US

  We provide high-quality, onsite, discounted--group--ultrasound bone density screenings.

Podiatry "Coaching" Services provided in certain situations as well.

Founder & Director:    Dr. Kenneth C. Howayeck

1425 Clark Ave., #303, Long Beach, CA  90815

(925) 858-5696


GOAL:  Ideally, and whenever possible, to greatly increase the number of DXA’s being done at this time---for those of course needing them.

 And if we cannot:  To provide the next-best option to all those who we can otherwise reach--a very accurate and very useful ultrasound assessment--right here and right now.

One proposed means of achieving this:  To first increase the number of Ultrasound tests—to SCREEN—and thus to figuratively and respectively ‘hold the patient’s AND doctor’s hand’—to a greater degree—so as to help accomplish our mission.


Dr. Howayeck’s  2 GENERAL--IMPORTANT--OBSERVATIONS that had led to the inception of our service: 


1)       That not enough people at this time are being scanned by DXA technology—plain and simple!  And…………………………….

2)       That there needs to be far more direct and personal assistance to the patient and her doctor that is provided from amongst the different individuals like ourselves who are able to be appropriately and discretely involved with each person’s osteoporosis screening process so that can ideally serve the objective of getting high-risk low bone density individuals.  Our addressing this results in many of our screenees, we feel, then allows all of us to get to desired, important, and variable “finish lines” of optimal and definitive DXA testing!



Bone Health Made Easy


Dr. Howayeck's BIO:  

Dr. Kenneth C. Howayeck
Podiatric/Osteoporosis Author & Lecturer

Dr. Kenneth C. Howayeck is an author and lecturer. He is also an
Osteoporosis Educator and Testing Interpreter locally. He operates a
company out of Alameda called "Five Star Onsite Testing", which provides
onsite, ultrasound Bone Density Screenings and osteoporosis counseling at
events, expos, various senior living centers, doctors' offices, and
corporations--and with his love for the issue evident at every turn—even
provides these programs as an affordable "house call" to both homes and
workplaces. Dr. Howayeck is an author of books on self-care, including
his soon-to-be-released (2nd quarter of 2011) book entitled "Bone Health
Made Easy". In recent years, Dr. Howayeck has spoke at various
educational forums to both professionals and lay persons.
As a credentialed and board certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Dr.
Howayeck is currently retired from private practice in order to address
fully his long-time passion of combating osteoporosis in ways that he feels
are most genuine and most effective, and yet are ways that are presently
under-utilized and less understood than they should be. He is a Certified
Speaker for the Foundation for Osteoporosis Research and Education. Dr.
Howayeck's wish is to convey these important messages through
programs that best allow for Osteoporosis presentations and for largevolumed

(925) 858-5696

HI Podiatry Lic. #PO-109; Expira. Jan., 2016


Dr. Howayeck's CV here:



Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Kenneth C. Howayeck



1425 Clark Ave., #303

Long Beach, CA 90815                                                         

 (925) 858-5696;                                                        HI Podiatry Lic. #PO-109;  Expira. Jan., 2016  



Private Medical Practice:                         1984-2006



Hospital Staffs:                                    Queens Medical Center, Honolulu, HI

                                                                St. Francis Medical Center, Honolulu, HI

                                                                Castle Medical Center, Kailua, HI

                                                                Kapiolani Medical Center at Pali Momi, Aiea, HI

                                                                HealthSouth Surgical Center, Honolulu, HI



Post-Doctorate Training:                      Residency in Foot Surgery, Buena Park Hospital, Buena Park, CA 7/83-6/84


Degrees:                                                 Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM)


                                                                  California College of Podiatric Medicine (CCPM), San Francisco, CA


                                                                                 (4th Yr., USC Campus, Los Angeles, CA); 1983 (Cum Laude)



Undergraduate Degrees:                   Bachelors in Basic Medical Sciences (BMS); CCPM, 1981

                                                                Bachelor of Science (BS), Psychology, Arizona State Univ., 1979



Honors/Achievements:                       Board Certification (Diplomate), Foot & Ankle Surgery, ABPS, 1988

                                                                Fellow Amer. Coll. of Foot Surgeons, 1988

                                                                Past President, Hawaii Podiatric Medical Association

                                                                Tripled Patient Volume of Established Practice over 6 year period, Tucson, AZ


                                                                Re-established High Vol. practice (from Incept.) in subsequent 3 yr per., Hon HI               

                                                                 Award for Outstanding Dedicated Service, Calif. Podiatric Medical Stud. Assoc.

                                                                Volunt. Speaker of the Year Award of 2006, Amer. Diab. Assoc., Hawaii Chapter



Books Authored:                                    “My Foot Is Killing Me!”, Self-Help book, published Nov., 1999

                                                                “Effective Actions”, published Sept. 2009.

                                                                “Bone Health Made Easy", published Dec. 2011.






Achievements:                                     Founder, Academy Foot Center of Hawaii, Inc.

                                                                Past Talk Show Host, “Foot Notes with Dr. Howayeck”, KHVH 830AM

                                                                Regular Television and Radio consultant in Podiatry over several years, Hon., HI

                                                                 Current Board Member, Kids On the Move America, Alameda, CA

                                                                 Clinical Asst. Prof. of Surgery, University Hawaii School Of Medicine, 1991-2006

                                                                Preceptor Faculty Member, California and Iowa Colleges of Podiatric Medicine

                                                                Past Advisor Comm. Chair, Hawaii State Board of Podiatry

                                                                Editorial Consultant w/ Back Cover Acknowledgement, StayWell                                                                                                

                                                                            Education Booklets,  with national distribution.                                

                                                                Past Member, American and Hawaii Podiatric Medical Associations

                                                                Residency Director, HS-Honolulu Fellowship Program In                                                                                                                     Foot Surg., 2001-2002                                          

                                                                Nat’l Advisor, Exec Committee Member, & Podiatric Surgery Chief, HealthSouth     

                                                                          Surgicare, Honolulu, HI.

                                                                 Authorized Speaker, American Diabetes Association, No. California Chapt.

                                                                 Past speaker, American Heart Association, Bay Area Chapter

                                                                 Former Director, Physicians-Scientists Consortium, Pleasanton, CA

                                                                 Founder, Five-Star Wellness Testing

                                                                 Wellness Coordinator, Healthtech Mobile Services, Rancho Cordova, CA

                                                                 California Teaching Credentials, October, 2007

                                                                 Regional Manager and Teacher Mentor, Tutor Works, Redwood City

                                                                 TV and Radio Spokesperson for Good Feet in Nothern California, 2009.

                                                                 Certified Speaker, Speaker’s Bureau; Foundation for Osteoporosis   

                                                                             Research and Education (FORE), and American Bone Health.

                                                                 Founder, Five Star Onsite Testing, 2010.


  • "Dr. Ken's info about women's health along with the question & answer session he provided was very informative. "
    Valeri Bocage
    CEO, Powerful Women International
  • " Dr Ken Howayeck is a compassionate, highly professional, skilled physician who has the ability to touch people's lives through education. "
    Jackie Fagerstrom
    Anti-Aging Consultant